The DIGITAL SPACE is the book of human knowledge created and disbursed by human but yet to be fully tapped into. An average African live below daily budget on food, shelter and the likes to cater for its daily needs. Every idea has a birth point and place. The 21st century has made things easier for us to tap INTO THE FUTURE via the power of the DIGITAL SPACE. MYBAFRICA is an acronym of MIND YOUR BUSINESS AFRICA. It is an initiative of CHRISTIAN JOSHUA NETWORK put together with a purpose of training African YOUTHS, EMPLOYED, UNEMPLOYED and BUSINESS OWNERS on SELF DISCOVERY, POTENTIAL UTILIZATION and BUSINESS GROWTH, which is one of the key components for the growth and development of a nation with a clear cut vision for her people. MYBAFRICA is a FREE TRAINING geared towards training African Youths on the need to leverage on the power of DIGITAL SPACE to building self discovery business, hence, creating a sustainable source of income towards meeting their everyday needs and fulfilling destiny. The goal is to make sure that after the training, all participants will be able to Think. Create. Sell any idea, generate funds online, build a sustainable income online and live above daily average in other to live to the fullness of their potentials in various niches. The training is slated to hold for two Saturdays in each location. Join the conversation online #MYBAFRICA #CHRISTIANJOSHUA #CHRISTIANJOSHUANETWORK.

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DATE: Monday 8th October 2018 by 10:00 am