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TechBridge Consulting is an educational technology, management and consultancy firm that specializes in introducing real knowledge of science, latest technology, engineering and mathematics through the use of building blocks, electronics and robotics to inspire and enhance students practical knowledge of how devices, machines, tech inventions and gadgets seen around are created. We also provide online mentorship, professional career guidance and counseling to school students. Our Vision is to bring Africa into technological relevant through education by training and preparing young African inventors with global competitiveness for self-reliance.
Qualification: BA, BSc, HND, ND, NCE,
Age: Not older than 25 years.
Communication Skills: Advanced competency in oral and written English with the ability to communicate clearly and confidently with children and adults
Interpersonal Skills: Must be passionate about educating children using technological ways. Demonstrable and proven interpersonal skills, including the ability to work and interact with people regardless of age, sex, background, religion, race, or origin.
Flexibility: Be adaptable and demonstrate the ability to traverse different assignments and work locations.
Analytical Skills:Must be tech savvy and have adequate software knowledge
Ability to apply strategic thought process to complex business challenges and to develop innovative, yet practical, solutions.
Commitment & Aspiration: Be committed to the growth and achievement of personal and the company's goal

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Other Info
POSTED: 1 year ago
LOCATION: Ibadan, Nigeria
DEADLINE: Friday 24th August 2018

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